Innovative Design hosts our annual Designathon that is open to Non-UC Berkeley Students & junior bay area designers. This event this semester was hosted by Sierra Nevada brewing company. There were small prizes for winners of various categories with a panel of judges from various companies and firms from around the bay area.

The concept of the CMYK both stands for the color model that is often used in illustrator designs in place of the RGB configuration. Likewise, we took this acronym and marketed our Designathon as Come Maker Your marK. A little bit of a stretch at the end, but it necessarily purports the idea we hope convey within the design community at Berkeley. We want the designers in the local Berkeley area to challenge themselves and show what they got at our Designathon.

Our profile pictures exemplify the idea of making a person mark, by having each photo spell out CMYK in their own handwriting and style. We thought this would be important to convey that CMYK is for everyone and that no designer is the same.